The Best Clothing Types For Babies and Kids with Eczema

Red, dry, itchy, and scaly skin are just some of the symptoms when one suffers from eczema. Though appearing most often on children since they have more sensitive skin, it can happen to adults with the same kind of symptoms and effect on the skin. We usually just apply our trusted moisturisers when eczema triggers but there is one irritant that is often overlooked--clothing. 

Our choice of clothes and fabrics are just as important as the skincare we use. For people with eczema, the feel of the fabric, and its effect on the skin is crucial. It is important to learn that certain fabrics will do more harm than good and which at least does not aggravate the condition and helps to control it.

Here’s our guide to eczema-friendly fabrics and fabrics to avoid when clothing kids/babies with Eczema. Please keep in mind that results are different for everyone so it is important to learn what works best for you.


Eczema-friendly Fabrics



Cotton is currently one of the most commonly recommended fabrics for people with eczema. One of the best options for breathability is 100-percent cotton clothing. Because cotton is natural, it is easy to maintain and allows the skin to easily breathe. It is also non-irritating and comfortable to wear for kids/babies with eczema-prone skin. However, it is prone to absorbing the moisture that can irritate the skin if your little one is sweaty. Despite this, cotton is still better than synthetic fabrics.


Aside from the fact that silk is soft to touch and makes you look fab, it is very beneficial for children with eczema since it is smooth and does not cause friction on the skin. Its naturally anti-microbial factor reduces the risk of infections in eczema-prone skin.


One of the best materials for sensitive skin is a microfiber and may work better for some eczema sufferers. Although it is a synthetic fabric, it has been developed and made for comfort. It is extremely soft and it may cause less irritation for some babies with eczema than cotton clothing. It’s also a very low-maintenance fabric: easy to wash, with minimal wrinkling.


Fabrics to Avoid


 Although wool is a great choice for staying warm during winter, it contains larger prickly fibers which can irritate sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Wool is a big no-no whether you are suffering from eczema or not. When the ends of some wool fibers push against the skin, resulting in nerve endings in the skin being stimulated, it just tends to be super itchy. When your skin is itchy and irritated, you end up scratching it, which leads to the release of histamines in your skin, inflammation, and more itching. 


Like wool, fleece is also a good option to stay warm but it tends to get too hot, which can make eczema-prone skin itchier. However, you may want to try clothes made of thin fleece fabrics just as a top layer or cover-up and check how it may react. 

Synthetic Fabrics

These man-made fabrics include nylon, rayon, spandex, latex, and polyester to name a few. Synthetic fabrics are best to be avoided as it tends to be warmer which can cause itchiness and prolong the effects of eczema. These fabrics are treated with harmful chemicals and can cause heavy skin irritation, especially because these chemicals can easily penetrate the skin. Synthetic Fabrics are said to be non-breathable because it traps odor, which then traps sweat, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and causing inflammation.


The basic choice is really between synthetic or natural fabrics. Natural fabrics that are from plant fibers (eg. cotton and silk). If clothing is too tight or has itchy seams or the fabric is non-breathable, then it can trigger eczema-prone skin or further irritate eczema. So choosing the proper clothing with breathable and soothing fabrics can greatly reduce irritation.

As important as choosing the right fabric to ease and reduce irritation some products can help treat eczema flare-ups. BodyBees has come up with a range of products that aim to provide relief and comfort for those who suffer from inflamed, extremely dry skin, and severe itching. 

Some easy remedies are balms like Bee Baby Pure for babies and Bee Calm for kids and adults that help calm skin to return to its healthy and natural state. 

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