Skincare for All, even the Littlest Ones, says Sara

Sara (@saraskincares) is a Ph.D. Immunologist, a yogi, and a mom. She joyfully shares her real talk routines, reviews, and analysis of different skincare products on her Instagram profile. 


In her Instagram post last April, she shared how Bodybees products are a godsend for those with dry and eczema-prone skin. “Skincare for all, even the littlest ones.” She recalls that all her children, especially her 2-year-old son, fell in love with Bee Natural All Purpose Balm. When her son developed a pretty bad patch, she decided to apply the Bee Natural All Purpose Balm which melted effortlessly into the skin and healed the patch within a few days. He even got sad when he knew that the container is already empty, “I miss my bee lotion.”

Sara has been reviewing several Bodybees products so we decided to put her in the spotlight. In an interview with Bodybees, Sara raves about her favorite Bodybees product and how it naturally works on dry and eczema-prone skin.

Bee Baby Pure

What is your reason behind using Bodybees products?

I love Bodybees products because they have all-natural ingredients that truly benefit the skin. My young children and I suffer from eczema, and Bodybees products have been instrumental in keeping our skin healthy and free from dry, itchy patches.

What is your favorite Bodybees product?

My favorite Bodybees product is Bee Calm. It has a gorgeous soft texture and calming lavender scent that I always look forward to using before bed.

How has it made a difference to your skin?

Bee Calm has healed stubborn eczema on my legs and ankles and has kept my skin soft and moisturized.

Bee Calm

Why are natural products important to you?

Natural products are important to me especially when choosing those that I use on my kids. I want to avoid exposing them to unnecessary chemicals at an early age. Bodybees products are perfect for them!

Would you recommend Bodybees products and why?

Absolutely! Bodybees products are carefully handcrafted and are a joy use. They really work in the battle against dry skin and eczema. And the ingredients lists are short and all-natural. What more could you ask for?

Just like Sara, if you are a mom with babies or kids that are suffering from eczema, give Bodybees balms a try and experience its all-natural ingredients that work wonders on eczema-prone skin. Make sure you don't miss our post about what clothing types are preferably left in the wardrobe if your child has issues with eczema!